Web Direct VoIP Click to Call Softphone - Every body can come in Contact with you Directly from your Web Site.

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Current Version: 2.1.0
G.729 - Safari - Mozilla - IE - Chrome Supported

Account Encryption Supported

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Price 39 €
Price 270 € put your logo

New features: Mozilla, Safari, Chrome, G.729 and Account Encryption now Supported!

For more secure please encrypt your Sip Account that you will use

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Web Direct VoIP Click2Call - Allow your web visitors to call any department of your Company from your web site.

It can register to your own Sip Server or to any VoIP Provider Server.

Web Direct VoIP Call click2call is softphone which you can install to your company's web site. Visitors of your web site will be able to call any department of your Company. In case you have you own sip server then our product can register directly on it.

You can have more than one dial destinations to a drop down box. You can specify land line numbers, VoIP Numbers (even sip url e.g. "sip:user@voip_provider_domain") and Mobile Phone numbers.Web Direct VoIP Click2Call image

Everybody can call you from your web Site with just one Click!

A registered Softphone is ready for use at your web site!

Save money when travelling!

Encrypt your SIP Account, so no one can see it!

Call your Company from your Web Site completely Free of Charge!

You are able to change the design of our product by altering the html code!

Get a Special license and upload your logo!

Customers and Guests are very easily able to call you, free of charge*, from your site. They can reach any Department of your Company (e.g. Sales, Support etc.) from anywhere in the World with just a click of a button. It can also be very useful to your employees, who may need to contact the main offices during the time they are abroad or away from the office.
You are able to Change the Design of our product by altering the html code.

* In case you have your own IP/BPX Server. The product registers as extension so no one will be charged for any phone call otherwise you can use a sip acount from a SIP Account Provider like Skype, Betamax etc.

You can of course use any VoIP Account from Any VoIP Provider as well!

Web Direct Demo

Web Direct supports all the basic features any other softphone supports for a very crystal clear conversation.

Get Web Direct VoIP Call with a special license and remove our Logo!


Features Images web softphone Speaker and Microphone Volume controls Features Images web softphone SIP account Encryption SupportedNew
Features Images web softphone Unlimited Destinations
Features Images web softphone Mic Boost
Features Images web softphone Audio Options Features Images web softphone Codec: GSM6.10
Features Images web softphone One click call
Features Images web softphone Codec: G711 A-Law
Features Images web softphone  Editable Html Features Images web softphone Codec: iLBC G711 U-L
Features Images web softphone CSS Design
Features Images web softphone Codec: G711 U-Law
Features Images web softphone Echo/Noise Cancellation Features Images web softphone Codec: G729New
Features Images web softphone AGC (Auto Gain Control) Features Images web softphone Account EncryptionNEW
Features Images web softphone Dial Pad Features Images web softphone Low Bandwidth support
Features Images web softphone Audio IN/OUT Devices Selection Features Images web softphone Auto registrationNew

In case you need a Web Direct Softphone with more features, just request it. We will develop it for you!

FAQs - Web VoIP Softphone

Which are the requirements of your product?

PHP scripting language must be supported on your web server.

FAQs - Web VoIP Softphone

How is the DialPad used?

Dial Pad is necessary in case an IVR system requests the user to make a choice, so a DTMF tone must be sent.

FAQs - Web VoIP Softphone

Can I use your Web Direct Softphone with my Open Source IP/PBX SIP Server?

Yes, you can! Web Direct Softphone is based on the SIP protocol, so you can use it with any SIP Server!

FAQs - Web VoIP Softphone

Can I use your product with my Voip Buster - Betamax Account?

Voip Buster IP/PBX is based on the SIP protocol, so you can use our product to register to a VoIP Buster SIP Server. Just use "sip.voipbuster.com" as SIP Server.

FAQs - Web VoIP Softphone

Can I have a trial license of your product?

We are not able to give you a trial licence, but you can take a look at our Demo.  

FAQs - Web VoIP Softphone

How many users are able to use Web VoIP Softphone when I buy a license and I install it to my web site?

Unlimited users are able to load the product.

FAQs - Web VoIP Softphone

When I buy a license of your product can I install your product to any Web Domain I want?

The license will ONLY work on the web domain you provide us with after the payment procedure (e.g. if you get a license for the web Domain http:///www.server.com it will only work on this web Domain). After you get the License you cannot change the Domain. In case you need to use the product for another web domain you need to buy an additional license.


FAQs - Web VoIP Softphone

Is your Product working with any Web Browser?

Is working with Mozilla, Safari, Chrome and Internet Eplorer on Windows systems.

FAQs - Web VoIP Softphone

Can I remove your logo from the Product?

No, you cannot remove our logo from the web interface but you are able to change the look by altering the html code. In case you need to remove our logo you need to buy an other license.

FAQs - Web VoIP Softphone

Can you customize your product based on my requirements?

Yes, you can request from us to customize the product based on your needs with an additional charge.

Web Direct VoIP Call Softphone Installation and Requirements


  • A Web Site on which you are going to install the Web Direct VoIP.
  •  PHP installed on the web server.
  • A VoIP Account. You can use the VoIP account settings of any VoIP Provider company or you can use the account settings from your own IP/PBX (Your SIP Server) system that you use on your company. The product will be registered as an extension to your IP/PBX Server.
  • Optional - Configure your IP/BPX System to support simultaneous calls, so more than one users will be able to use the same voip account at the same time.


  • Copy the necessary files under a folder in your server
  • Type your VoIP Account Settings and contacts in the file "settings.php"
  • You are now ready to use it!

Note: The activation key will be generated based on the domain name you provide us with. You cannot use the same activation key on another Domain name.

To load and to use our product use the url + subfolder (Do not use index.html at the end of the url)

In case you wish to change the domain name, you will be required to purchase a new activation key.

Web Direct VoIP Click2Call settings

Price 39 €
Price 270 € put your logo

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