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Alarm Functionality for you IP BPX

Wake up system software for you IP BPX and Wake up Guarantee

Use an alarm system with you IP/BPX - Wake up Easy - SIP Based Alarm Service now supports more features and guarantees that your hotel guests will wake up for sure, any time they need to. Our product is the first application in the World that gives you the ability to have a Wake up Service for an unlimited number of your hotel's guests.

Product Installation

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Wake up Easy Installation

The Wake Up Easy VoIP Call Application is very easy to install. Just download the installation file from the download area and run it on your system. After the installation procedure, you are ready to run the application.


The application has been tested with WinXP, Win2000, Vista, Win7 and Microsoft Servers.

Pre installation Requirements:

-32/64 bit Operating System
-Microsoft .NET Framework 2.0
-SIP based IP/BPX Server
*Note: In case you use the Web gui under  win7 and win8 please use the tool c:\windows\sysWOW64\odbcad32 and verify that the datasource of PELATES.mdb file point at the installation path.

Multi language Support

The application uses five (5) consoles, Master IVR, Language 1 IVR, Language 2 IVR, Language 3 IVR and Language 4 IVR. Each IVR needs one sip account created on your sip server. This is necessary specially because each IVR (extension) registers separately to sip server.

When a user dials the extension number of the Master IVR, an Interactive voice menu is automatically played and the user can choose between 1 and 4. If the user presses number 3 his call is transferred to Language 3 IVR and he is then able to activate a wake up alarm following the Instuctions. The user is also able to directly call the Language IVR he prefers, without calling the Master IVR.

The Audio messages that are played for each language are stored in the Folder "wavfiles". You are able to change these files and put your own in the language you prefer.

How to use only one Language

In case you need to use only one languge, the only things you need are 2 (two) VoIP Accounts. One VoIP Account for the Master IVR and the other for Language 1 IVR. The Guests/Users will now have to call Directly to Language 1 IVR and Master IVR is necesary because it makes all the outbound calls. To use less than 4 languages you have to change some values in the setting files. - See: Configuration.


Application Loading - Registration

After the installation, the application runs as a demo. To activate the full version of the application, you need to press the Activation button and insert the license key you bought into the correct field. After that, pressing the "Register" button will display a success message and registration will be over if your license key is valid.

 Note: The computer in which the application is installed must be connected to the Internet at least at the loading time and at the Registration, otherwise the application will keep running as a demo.

In case you prefer to run the application to an other computer the only thing you have to do is to un-register first.


Web Interface Installation

New version of Wake Up Easy supports a Web Interface. With the Web Interface your are able to manage  the alarms for your guests, which is necessary especially for hotels. The Web Interface is also necessary when you activate the "Un-Successful Alarm Notifications" feature, because it provides you with the ability to view details about the unsuccessful alarms (e.g. you can see which room of your hotel did not answer the alarm call).

The Installation is very easy but first you need to install an http server to the same computer with Wake Up Easy application. You can use IIS or Apache or any other http server, with PHP Support. Download the PHP files form the download area and unzip them unter the root of the http server. PHP scripts communicate with the file "Pelates.mdb" using an ODBC DSN entry of your system which it created during the installation procedure of the application.

Default Accounts: login: admin or user and paswords: admin or user


XAMPP - Http Server with PHP Support (Recommended)


You can use the XAMPP http server bundle which supports PHP and can be installed in 2-3 minutes. You can Download it for FREE from the Official Web site Here. After you Install XAMPP, copy the PHP files into the "htdocs" folder, so by using the Computer IP (sample => ) you can see the web inteface.


Use Apache and IIS at the same Computer/Server

In case you need to run IIS and Apache (XAMPP) at the same computer, you need to change the default listen port of apache which is the port 80. Apache and IIS can not use the same http port because they will conflict and one of the two web Servers will not work.

You can change the default listen port of apache (port 80) in the configuration file "httpd.conf" and replace it with  another port ( e.g. 8080 port if it's not in use by another application )


See Apache - XAMPP "httpd.conf" file images

Change Apache Ports


Change Apache listen Ports



You need also to change the default (443) Secure port to an other port in the file "httpd-ssl.conf"

 Change Apache listen SSL Port

Use only IIS http server

IIS does not support the PHP scripting language by default. If you want to use IIS, you have to manually modify the configuration file.

You can found instructions Here



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