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Alarm Functionality for you IP BPX

Wake up system software for you IP BPX and Wake up Guarantee

Use an alarm system with you IP/BPX - Wake up Easy - SIP Based Alarm Service now supports more features and guarantees that your hotel guests will wake up for sure, any time they need to. Our product is the first application in the World that gives you the ability to have a Wake up Service for an unlimited number of your hotel's guests.

Un-Successfull Alarms and Notifications

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Wake Up Easy guarantees that everybody who will activate a schedule wake up call will wake up for sure!

The Wake up service begins the wake up process one second after the preset alarm time and makes a wake up call to the extension (VoIP phone device) of the customer that set the alarm time. In case the customer is not answering the incoming Wake up call you get an unsuccessful notification (if this feature is enabled).

Using the Web interface you are able to see all the activities of the application as well as the Un-successful alarm list.

We suggest you Activate the Un-Successful alarm notifications feature so your guests will wake up for sure. In an unsuccessful alarm event  (when no one will answer the wake up call of the application - after the max tries is configured) the application will make a call to the extension you specified in the Settings file (e.g. reception of your hotel). By using the web interface, you can view details about the room(s) which did not answer the call of the Wake Up service.

After that, somebody from your staff can go to the room(s) and check on the customer(s) who activated the alarm and did not answer.

With Wake Up Easy it is guaranteed that your guests will wake up for sure!

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