Product: Wake up Easy

Alarm Functionality for you IP BPX

Wake up system software for you IP BPX and Wake up Guarantee

Use an alarm system with you IP/BPX - Wake up Easy - SIP Based Alarm Service now supports more features and guarantees that your hotel guests will wake up for sure, any time they need to. Our product is the first application in the World that gives you the ability to have a Wake up Service for an unlimited number of your hotel's guests.

Audio/Messages files that Voip wake up service use

Wake up Easy IVR Audio files

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Welcome.wav You have called the wake up service, please type the desired wake up time in a 24 hour format and press sharp (#).

After.wav – You have typed…

Repeattime.wav – to retype your alarm type press sharp (#), otherwise press asterisk.

Again.wav – Type the alarm time again and press sharp(#).

Wrongtimepressed.wav – You have typed an invalid wake up time, please type the alarm time again and press sharp(#).

Tomuchwrong.wav You have typed an invalid wake up time, please try again later, bye.

Notok.wav - The wake up call did not activate.

Finalok.wav – The wake up call has been activated, thank you.

Cancelalarm.wav – The wake up call has been deactivated.

Wakeupmsg.wav - This is your wake up call service.

New Forlang.wav - For english press...

New Unsuccessful_notification_msg.wav - Wake up Service, You have an unsuccessful alarm event. Please check the Unsuccessful alarm list, Thank you.

And 0.wav, 1.wav, 2.wav, 3.wav...9.wav

8000Hz, 16bit, Mono (Uncompressed) is the best to play

You can create also your own Audio Files based on your needs






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