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Alarm Functionality for you IP BPX

Wake up system software for you IP BPX and Wake up Guarantee

Use an alarm system with you IP/BPX - Wake up Easy - SIP Based Alarm Service now supports more features and guarantees that your hotel guests will wake up for sure, any time they need to. Our product is the first application in the World that gives you the ability to have a Wake up Service for an unlimited number of your hotel's guests.

Wake up System for VoIP - IP/BPX

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Wake up Easy - The First SIP Based Application for Wake up/Alarm or Scheduled VoIP Calls.

It is a necessary service for hotels that a VOIP/IP PBX system. It registers as an extension to a Voip/IP PBX system and is working as a wake up call service for your Guests/Customers

Web Interface now Supported!

Wake up Easy - Wake up Voip Call - Box

Multi Languages Supported!
Unsuccessful Alarm Notifications Supported!
Fully configurable!
More than 10.000 simultaneous wake up calls!
Alarm Activation/Cancelation from Web!
Unsuccessful Alarm monitoring!
Log viewing from web!

See also Wake up VoIP Caller

Guests Activate/Deactivate an alarm from their room.

Smart IVR with very clear instructions.

Unlimited users are able to use the IVR at the same time.

No more Visits to the Hotel Rooms.

Employers can use it as Reminder Service.

Activate/Deactivate a wake up alarm with a few clicks using the web interface of the application.

Product is not supported!



Features are based on the feedback information of our customers. You will definitely find our product very useful and suitable for your needs.

Wake up Easy Features

Web Interface


By using the Web Interface you are able to Activate/Cancel/Edit the Alarm Time, see the list of unsuccessful alarms as well as the current active alarms of your guests. It is also very easy to observe every activity of the application using the "Logs" Link.

Wake up Easy Features

Multi Language

There are up to four (4) languages available for your guests, so they can decide by themselves the language they prefer. You can create your own Audio files based on your needs.

Wake up Easy Features

Unsuccessful alarm Notifications

In case your guests don't answer a wake up call after the maximum tries, you receive a Notification Call to a specified extension (e.g. Reception), in order for a member of the staff to visit their room.

Wake up Easy Features

Fully Configurable

You are able to change the behavior of the application by modifying the Settings file.

Wake up Easy Features

Auto Registration

The application can register automatically to the sip server after a reboot of your computer.

Wake up Easy Features

Delay time

The application can register to the Sip server automatically after a specified delay time (in milliseconds).

Wake up Easy Features

Change Listen Port

You can configure the listening port of the application in order to avoid conflicts with other sip services which may be running at the same host.

Wake up Easy Features

Direct Call to Language

Guests can activate a wake up call by calling directly to their preferred language without entering from the Main IVR menu.

Wake up Easy Features

Auto Hung up

In the case that users (e.g. kids) call the wake up service and try to leave the line open (whether by not hanging up or by abusing the interactive voice menu), the Wake up Easy Software recognizes that and provides a Hung Up action to avoid these situations.

Wake up Easy Features

No Response hang up

The Hung up action will also occur when the user does not respond to the service (e.g. the user forgets to hang up). Please note that the "Wake up Easy" application constantly tries to keep the maximum number of lines available.

Wake up Easy Features

Unlimited Simultaneous lines

Our product is able to use any number of active lines concurrently, based on your license. This means that it can make alarm calls to different extensions the same time.

Wake up Easy Features

Unlimited Concurrent Activations.

"Wake up Easy" is able to manage unlimited inbound calls from users that need to activate an alarm at the same time. This means that the wake up service is always available for everybody. Of course this feature is also based on your license.

Wake up Easy Features

Smart Algorithm Mechanism.

Our Software algorithm mechanisms save the maximum amounts of memory and at the same time use smart technics that manage more than 10.000* alarms at the same time (in case 10.000(*) people have put alarm 06:00 ) even with a simple personal computer with Microsoft XP and 256 MBytes of RAM. You are able to even use it as wake up service of a whole city! As more Simultaneous lines as better!

Wake up Easy Features

Data Base Interconnection

The product is using by default a Microsoft Access Data Base (mdb file) but you can use any other Data Base by interconnecting it with the Application.

(*) To cover 10000 alarm the same time the application need extra optimization. You need this to cover really a lot of users.


Frequency Asked Questions for VoIP Wake up call Aplication and How it Works with an IP/BPX

FAQs Wake Up Easy - Schedule Wake up Call - with your IP/BPX

How many Languages does the VoIP Wake up Application support?

Wake up Easy supports four (languages). You can also record and use your own audio files in "wav" format.
FAQs Wake Up Easy  - Schedule Wake up Call - with your IP/BPX

What kind of a VOIP/IP PBX system do I need?

The “Wake up Easy” can be connected as an extension to any VOIP/IP PBX system, so you can use any VOIP/IP PBX system that supports the SIP protocol.
FAQs Wake Up Easy  - Schedule Wake up Call - with your IP/BPX

How many times does the application try to wake up a guest of my hotel?

By default the application attempts to wake up your guests 3 times but you are able to change it by altering the Max tries value in "Settings-0.txt". You are also able to change many other settings as well.
FAQs Wake Up Easy  - Schedule Wake up Call - with your IP/BPX

Is it certain that my customers will wake up for sure?

Wake up Easy supports unssuccessful alarm notifications. In case your customers do not answer when the application calls them, "Wake up Easy" puts an event in Unsuccessful Alarm List and notifies you by a notification call to any extension (e.g. Reception of hotel) you provide in "settings-0.txt" file.
FAQs Wake Up Easy  - Schedule Wake up Call - with your IP/BPX

Is it working with the 3CX IP Phone System?

Yes, it' s working perfectly with the 3CX IP Phone System.
FAQs Wake Up Easy  - Schedule Wake up Call - with your IP/BPX

Can I have Web Interface to Activate an Alarm time?

Yes, you can use a web interface to activate an alarm, to change it, to watch logs. Just download the PHP Files from the Download Area.
FAQs Wake Up Easy  - Schedule Wake up Call - with your IP/BPX

When I buy your product do I have to pay for Updates?

No, all the updates are free, you only need to download them from the Download area.
FAQs Wake Up Easy  - Schedule Wake up Call - with your IP/BPX

Can I run the Wake up Easy Application as a system Service?

No, the current version only supports the "Auto Load" option after the system startup, with a shortcut of the application in the StartUp folder in the Start Menu. We will have this feature in the next version.
FAQs Wake Up  Easy  - Schedule Wake up Call - with your IP/BPX

How can my customers use the wake up service?

The only thing your customers need to do is call the extension number that belongs to the “Wake up easy Voip Service” from their Room and follow the instructions.
FAQs Wake Up  Easy  - Schedule Wake up Call - with your IP/BPX

How can the customers cancel the wake up alarm?

Very easily. The only thing they have to do is ring the service. The Wake up Service will recognize the CID (Caller ID) and automatically cancel the alarm.
FAQs Wake Up  Easy  - Schedule Wake up Call - with your IP/BPX

In which language are the vocal instructions recorded?

The messages are recorded in English, but you can make your own Wav files in any language you prefer.
FAQs Wake Up  Easy  - Schedule Wake up Call - with your IP/BPX

How many concurrent lines are supported?

It depends on the license. The Wake up Easy Service is able to support an unlimited number of concurrent inbound, outbound calls.
FAQs Wake Up  Easy  - Schedule Wake up Call - with your IP/BPX

Do you guarantee that my guests will wake up for sure?

Yes we do. Please take a look to un-answered Wake up calls here.



Alarm Activation

Wake Up Easy supports easy and smart methods to activate an alarm or a schedule wake up call


Fast Activation

Make a call to the Wake up Service. When the welcome message begins to play, just type the time you need the service to make a call back. In case a user/customer needs to put an alarm time at 07:01, the only thing they should do is type "0, 7, 0, 1, # ". The Wake up easy Service recognizes the "#" as a save command and stores the wake up time. After that, it plays a success message and hangs up.


Normal Activation

The user of the service just follows the instructions that are heard until an alarm time is activated for him. In this case, a success message plays before hanging up.
Notes: The success message will play only if everything is fine and wake up has been activated.
An error message will play in case the user of the service doesn't type the alarm time correctly (e.g. Alarm time 22:80 which does not exist).

Wake up Call Cancellation


The only thing you have to do is ring the service. The Wake up Service will recognize the CID (Caller ID) and automatically cancel the alarm. After the cancellation, it will play the corresponding message.



Web alarm Activation

Using the Web Interface you can activate and manage the alarm for your customers/guests. The web interface has password protection, so only members of your staff are able to use it. Any alarm that has been activated by the Web Interface can not be canceled from your customer/guest but only from your staff who is using the web Interface.


Web Gui


Wake Up Easy Web Interface - Activation/Deactivation - Unsuccessful Alarms Notifications - Logs - Notification Calls




Wake up Easy - Web Interface Home page

Wake Up easy - Web Interface - Home Page



Wake up Easy logs



Unsuccessful Alarm Notifications

Unsuccessful Alarm Notifications


Wake up easy Activation Form

Wake up Easy - Alarm Actication Form


Audio Messages



Wake up Easy Audio files

Welcome.wav – You have called the wake up service, please type the desired wake up time in a 24 hour format and press sharp (#).

After.wav – You have typed…

Repeattime.wav – To retype your alarm type press sharp (#), otherwise press asterisk.

Again.wav – Type the alarm time again and press sharp(#).

Wrongtimepressed.wav – You have typed an invalid wake up time. Please type the alarm time again and press sharp(#).

Tomuchwrong.wav – You have typed an invalid wake up time. Please try again later, bye.

Notok.wav - The wake up call did not activate.

Finalok.wav – The wake up call has been activated, thank you.

Cancelalarm.wav – The wake up call has been deactivated.

Wakeupmsg.wav - This is your wake up call service.

New Forlang.wav - For english press...

New Unsuccessful_notification_msg.wav - Wake up Service, You have an unsuccessful alarm event. Please check the Unsuccessful alarm list, Thank you.

And 0.wav, 1.wav, 2.wav, 3.wav...9.wav


You can create your own audio files with 8000Hz, 16bit, Mono (Uncompressed)



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