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Wake up system software for you IP BPX and Wake up Guarantee

Use an alarm system with you IP/BPX - Wake up Easy - SIP Based Alarm Service now supports more features and guarantees that your hotel guests will wake up for sure, any time they need to. Our product is the first application in the World that gives you the ability to have a Wake up Service for an unlimited number of your hotel's guests.

How many simultaneous lines do i need?

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 The answer depends on the number of your customers and how often they use the alarm service.

Case 1:

Let's suppose that you have bought and are using the Wake Up Service with 5 simultaneous lines. That means that  our service is able to accept 5 concurrent customer lines, so the 6th customer who's going to use the service will get a busy tone. The service will not be able to use more than 5 lines.

So if 6 or more customers are trying to use the Alarm service at the same time, only the 5 first are going to be connected. The others must keep trying until they get a free line.


 Case 2:

Let's suppose that we are using the Wake Up Service with 5 simultaneous lines again and 20 of our customers set their alarm time to 07:00 the morning. At the first second after 07:00 the Service is going to open 5 concurrent lines and make a wake up call to each of the customers who have activated the service. When a customer answers the alarm call, the wake up message (Wav file) begins to play. After the Wav file is done playing, the service hangs up and sets the line free (the line also gets free in the case that the customer hangs up before the message is finished).

As explained above, in this case lines are unavailable for 2 to 60 seconds (depending on the customer reaction).

The next 15 customers who are enqueued are going to receive their alarm call when the Wake up easy Service finds an available line. Every action or request to the service is going to use the availiable lines.


In the scenario above we can not ignore the case that some other customers may try to use the Alarm Service at 07:00. These customers can also be the same customers who just woke up by the service and need to sleep a little more! 

*The wake up Service keeps trying every sec to find an available line for use in order to make an outgoing call for the customers who are in the queue.
The answer to the question on how many lines you need, has to do with the number of the customers or the rooms in your hotel and the quality of service you are willing to provide.


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