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Now you are able to make VoIP Calls from any Web Based CRM product

Web CRM  VoIP Caller is a Web based softphone that you can integrate with any Web Based Crm interface or with any Web Page. The only thing you need to do is to call a function by an onClick event. Web Crm VoIP Caller loads your Web CRM as an iframe, so it would be very easy to load any URL you need to. It Supports Mozilla, Safari, Google Chrome and Internet Explorer on Windows Operating System.

Current Version: 1.0.6


Live Demo Here


Price: 50 euro(for 5 users  limited offer: 20 users)

License per Domain, Free updates, never expire, 10 euro/per extra user

Main features: Hide SIP account, Block outgoing calls, Auto Registration

We can customize it based on your needs


Put the Power of SIP Protocol together with your Web Application

Feel free to contact with us

Best_Feature_SipServices_ok Activate a call with an onClick() event

Make VoIP Calls from any Web application.

Web CRM VoIP Module Softphone

Download Web CRM VoIP Caller Demo


Extend your CRM Web based application to VoIP Telephony.


Make the users of your Web Applications for happy and let them to make a call with one Click.


Connect to any Sip Server with our Web CRM Caller Softphone


Call your Client with the Cheapest way.


  Installation Notes

At the Demo that you can download there are two html files. One index.html and one demo.html.

The index.html is the Softphone. At the end of the html file there is an iframe that load the ./demo.html.
At the demo.html file you can call with an event, the StartProcess(number_to_Call) function that exist to the Parent page (index.hmtl) and to put as Parameter the destination number that the softphone will call

Sample: In the javascript code of the demo.html you can call the function parent.StartProcess(101), the softphone then will begin a call process and will try to call the destination number 101 or any distination you provide as parameter.

The destinatin number 101 can be repladed with a textbox, dropdown box or that ever. You can get the value using the document.getElementById('ID_OF_ELEMENT').value

You can call the parent.StartProcess(number) function with an event on click or any event.

See this ==> onClick="parent.StartProcess(document.getElementById('ListBox').value)"

You can change also the behavor of the softphone at the function OnWebPageLoad() in the index.html

: You can replace the ./demo.html  url with any url you prefer or with you crm web application.



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