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Wake up VoiP Alarm caller

Wake up VoIP Caller

Wake up VoIP Caller is a simple applicaiton that registers as a normal softphone to a sip server/IP-BPX of your hotel and gives you the abillity to activate alarms for any guest using only simple and useful Web Interface.
Our software works with any IP-BPX that supports the Sip protocol. All data stored to a MySQL DB

SipServices Complete VoIP Solution for Business

Complete VoIP Solution for Business

We can help you build, your own voip business. Get flash based softphones that works to any system and softphones for mobile devices (Iphone, Android, Backberry, etc). Manage your own billing System and create resellers. With our solution you will be ready to earn money. -Installation Service for 3cx IP BPX

3CX Installation Service

3xc IP PBX Installation. Professional installation and configuration for the fantastic IP BPX Sip Server for windows. We can install/configure your 3cx server using remote desktop application in the way you need.

Wake Up VoIP Call Application

Wake up easy Application

Schedule Voip Wake up alarm calls
Web Based VoIP Softphone

Web Based Softphone

Make VoIP call from web Site

 Note: Our web Based softphone working in all Windows OS with Mozilla, Safari, Chrome, and Internet Explorer.

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