Product: Wake up Easy

Alarm Functionality for you IP BPX

Wake up system software for you IP BPX and Wake up Guarantee

Use an alarm system with you IP/BPX - Wake up Easy - SIP Based Alarm Service now supports more features and guarantees that your hotel guests will wake up for sure, any time they need to. Our product is the first application in the World that gives you the ability to have a Wake up Service for an unlimited number of your hotel's guests.

Before you buy a license of Wake up Easy application and to make your Sip server to wake up you guests

Before your buy a license make sure that our product is that you need

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Before you buy our product, we suggest you download the trial version from the Download area and to try it on your system, in order to make sure that the Wake up Easy alarm is working properly on your system and can cover your needs.

Please see how many simultaneous lines cover your needs.

The Wake up easy service has been tested with WinXP,Vista, Win2000 & Windows Servers.

Pre installation Requirements:

  • 32 bit Operating System 
  • Microsoft .NET Framework 2.0
  • IP/BPX System
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Last Updated on Tuesday, 23 February 2010 10:40

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